What is the Future of BIM? Graphisoft Unveils Archicad 26


This article will look at Graphisoft’s new head of product marketing, Shesh Gorur, and the company’s latest version of Archicad. We’ll also discuss about the future of BIM and the company’s new model-sharing technology with IFC viewer.

Graphisoft’s new head of product marketing Shesh Gorur

Archicad 26 is a major change for the company. This new version will feature significant changes to the software, including changes in software architecture and a multi-disciplinary go to market. The new version is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2018. As a result, the company can now offer a comprehensive suite of design and construction software to the construction industry.

Archicad 26 will allow users to choose local or cloud-based processing. In addition, Archicad will be highly “integratable” with desktop plug-ins, add-on libraries, and customizations. This makes it easier to extend Archicad’s capabilities through Graphisoft’s new capabilities.

Graphisoft’s new model-sharing technology

The new BIMcloud software offers secure multi-disciplinary collaboration and includes enhanced privacy protection. It also optimizes server storage space. BIMcloud is available as a subscription or as software as a service. It has three different levels of functionality, depending on your needs.

Archicad 26 also introduces new capabilities for collaboration, documentation, and interoperability. These new features help architects and designers work more closely with each other and with other structural design tools, like DDScad. Moreover, it improves data sharing, thanks to a one-click direct connect feature and one-touch information exchange.

Graphisoft has long been one of the biggest names in architectural software, and in 1982 it collaborated with Apple to develop a program for the Apple Lisa. It was later adapted to other operating systems, including Windows and macOS. Initially, Archicad was designed for architects, but it soon gained widespread use among engineers, interior designers, and technical professionals.

Graphisoft’s latest version of Archicad

The latest version of Archicad offers improved interoperability with the IFC model file format. In addition, the exported model can now include component-level information such as properties and functions. This information can be critical for collaborating applications. For more information, check out the Archicad 26 catalog.

Archicad 26 also comes with a new BIMcloud cloud collaboration platform. This solution enables secure multi-disciplinary collaboration with enhanced privacy protection. It also optimizes server storage space and is available in three different versions, BIMcloud Basic, BIMcloud Pro, and BIMcloud Enterprise. In addition, the software is available as a Software as a Service, so users don’t need to purchase extra hardware.

In addition to new features, Archicad 26 offers several improvements to the user interface. The software will improve productivity by making design and documentation more intuitive. It will also support 3D printing and data exchange with other software.

Graphisoft’s new IFC viewer

The new IFC viewer in Graphisoft’s Archicad 26 software is one of many new features introduced in this release. It can import and export files from and to the IFC standard. In addition, it offers a wide variety of options and is available in several languages. In addition to the English language, the viewer is also available in German, Austrian, and French.

You can explore your projects’ content using the IFC viewer in Archicad. It’s free for Archicad 26 users. You can also access the BIMcloud service. It is a cloud-based collaboration solution that supports multi-disciplinary collaboration. It also offers enhanced privacy protection. The software is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), so you don’t need to worry about purchasing any additional hardware.

 Future of BIM

Graphisoft Unveils ArchiCAD 26 – the next generation of its architecture software – with new features and enhanced productivity also it’s a future of BIM. The new version provides enhanced workflow automation and refinement by leveraging information already in the model. It also features a new Navigator search, which makes finding items easier.

BIMx, Graphisoft’s model-sharing technology, has been enhanced. It now has no file size limit per project and allows users to create a broader model history. Graphisoft has also added new technologies to the software, such as Everest, which allows architects and structural engineers to collaborate seamlessly.

The new features of Archicad are powered by a microkernel that performs fundamental functions such as loading, security, and license management. A generic BIM authoring layer further enhances these functions atop it. This layer is extensible and supports plug-ins and extensions for different architectural verticals.