About Me

CEO and Founder A. Alberto Lugo currently stands as the founding partner for the Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) in Southern California since 2019. FFAF currently has offices in Greenwich, CT, White Plains, NY, and Newark, NJ. As the founding partner, A. Alberto Lugo handles the everyday workflow and design processes related to the multitude of ongoing projects the firm handles at any given time. He works with the executive team of board members that introduce new skilled architects to plan, organize, and design cutting-edge commercial and public structures for clients using skills that are rooted in the fundamentals of modern architectural engineering.

Before being a founding partner of FFAF, A. Alberto Lugo spent a full decade serving as the Senior Architect for a number of top firms, including Parkins and Rhodon New York and Fentrell Architects in San Francisco. Prior to 2009, A. Alberto Lugo also worked as the Senior Architectural Design Strategist for Macaby and Roy for five years, later moving on to be the Senior Architect in 2008. After fulfilling an internship with the company, A. Alberto Lugo also held the esteemed role as the Project Architect in Albany, NY, which is a company that was founded by his own father in 1990. Prior to formally joining his father’s firm in 2002, A. Alberto Lugo held multiple positions, including some time spent as a business consultant for a small business development firm in NYC.

A. Alberto Lugo initially gained his Bachelor of Business from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000 but later switched his career goals and transitioned to Cornell University to obtain his Master of Architecture degree. He graduated with distinction from the program in 2002 before moving on to also achieve further designations in Building Science and Technology and Environmental Systems. In 2003, A. Alberto Lugo returned to college at Cornell yet again to further his education in environmentally-conscious building and design.

Throughout his two-decade career as an architect, A. Alberto Lugo has had the opportunity to take part in numerous top-level architectural projects. In 2012, he worked hand in hand with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee to plan and design renovations to several public service spaces. In 2015, A. Alberto Lugo was contracted by the Hagman’s Group of NYC to design the first structure built completely out of sustainable and recycled materials. During his time at Parkins and Rhodon, A. Alberto Lugo was the lead designer for a full shopping center, had a hand in drafting plans for a multi-story house of worship, and worked tirelessly with the local urban development team to design affordable housing.

While the heart of A. Alberto Lugo’s career has always been centered around architectural design, his primary focus over the last decade has been on environmental protection through sustainable architectural design. He is considered a person of influence in various circles because of his skill in drafting building designs with ecological protection in mind. A. Alberto Lugo has fostered a new appreciation for the importance of protecting natural habitats and water systems and building structures that seamlessly flow with and work with nature.

When A. Alberto Lugo has the opportunity, he volunteers his pro-bono services to a number of organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Veterans, and The Make It Right at Home Foundation. In 2015, A. Alberto Lugo established the Architecture and Earth Awareness foundation, which focuses on spreading awareness among architects, construction companies, and structural engineers about the importance of green initiatives in the building industry. To date, the company has helped spread sustainable ideas to more than 400 large-scale building projects around the globe. A. Alberto Lugo is also passionate about supporting climate protection efforts and frequently takes part in fundraising events and promotional objectives.

For his philanthropic and pro-bono donations, A. Alberto Lugo has received countless recognitions over the last few years. He was recognized as the top contributor to the Homes for Veterans organization, awarded the Voice of Reason award by the Green Initiative Climate Council, and more. In 2019, A. Alberto Lugo was nominated for the Pritzker Architecture Prize. He was also nominated for the Architecture Master’s Prize in 2020 and won the prize for Architectural Visionary early in 2021.

A. Alberto Lugo