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A. Alberto Lugo, the current CEO and Founder, stands as the visionary force behind Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) ‘s inception in Southern California in 2019. FFAF currently has offices in Greenwich, CT, White Plains, NY, and Newark, NJ. As the founding partner, Lugo is responsible for managing the day-to-day workflow and overseeing the design processes encompassing many ongoing projects at any given time. Collaborating closely with an esteemed executive board, he introduces talented architects who contribute their expertise to plan, organize, and craft cutting-edge commercial and public structures. Rooted in the fundamentals of modern architectural engineering, Lugo’s skills serve as the guiding force behind the firm’s success.

Prior to his role as the founding partner of FFAF, Lugo garnered a decade’s worth of experience as a Senior Architect, lending his expertise to several renowned firms, including Parkins and Rhodon in New York and Fentrell Architects in San Francisco. Before 2009, he held the esteemed position of Senior Architectural Design Strategist for Macaby and Roy, where he spent five years shaping innovative design strategies. In 2008, he transitioned to become the Senior Architect. Notably, Lugo began his journey in the architectural realm as a Project Architect in Albany, NY, at a firm founded by his own father in 1990. Prior to formally joining his father’s firm in 2002, he held various positions, including a stint as a business consultant for a small business development firm in NYC.

Lugo’s educational journey commenced with a Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. Driven by a passion for architecture, he redirected his career path and pursued a Master of Architecture degree at Cornell University. In 2002, he graduated with distinction from the program and furthered his expertise by pursuing additional designations in Building Science and Technology as well as Environmental Systems. In 2003, Alberto returned to Cornell once again to deepen his knowledge in environmentally-conscious building and design.

Throughout his illustrious two-decade career, Lugo has had the privilege of contributing to numerous high-profile architectural projects. In 2012, he collaborated closely with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee, overseeing the planning and design of renovations for several public service spaces. In 2015, Lugo received a contract from the Hagman’s Group of NYC to design the first-ever structure built entirely from sustainable and recycled materials. During his tenure at Parkins and Rhodon, he led the design team responsible for a sprawling shopping center, contributed to the drafting of plans for a multi-story house of worship, and worked tirelessly alongside local urban development teams to create affordable housing solutions.

While architectural design has always been at the core of A. Alberto Lugo’s career, his unwavering focus over the past decade has been on environmental protection through sustainable architectural practices. Recognized as a person of influence in various circles, Lugo showcases his remarkable ability to conceptualize building designs that prioritize ecological preservation. His designs seamlessly blend with nature, fostering a newfound appreciation for the significance of protecting natural habitats and water systems.

In his spare time, Alberto selflessly volunteers his pro-bono services to several organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Veterans, and The Make It Right at Home Foundation. In 2015, he established the Architecture and Earth Awareness foundation, dedicated to raising awareness among architects, construction companies, and structural engineers about the importance of incorporating green initiatives into the building industry. To date, the foundation has impacted over 400 large-scale building projects across the globe by promoting sustainable ideas. Furthermore, Lugo actively supports climate protection efforts and enthusiastically participates in fundraising events and promotional campaigns.

For his outstanding philanthropic endeavors and pro-bono contributions, Lugo has been showered with countless accolades in recent years. Notably, he received recognition as the top contributor to the Homes for Veterans organization and was honored with the prestigious Voice of Reason award by the Green Initiative Climate Council. In 2019, Alberto received a nomination for the esteemed Pritzker Architecture Prize, showcasing the profound impact of his work. He was also nominated for the Architecture Master’s Prize in 2020 and emerged as the recipient of the Architectural Visionary prize in early 2021.

Beyond his accomplishments as an architect, Lugo finds solace and fulfillment in immersing himself in nature, indulging in activities like fishing, and embarking on journeys to lesser-known countries to absorb their unique cultures. His favorite pastime involves challenging his own survival skills with nothing more than a fishing pole and a backpack in the scenic mountainous regions of the country. While Lugo cherishes his career, he considers his family as his greatest accomplishment. His loving family comprises his wife Genavieve, to whom he has been married for 18 years, their two young sons, three loyal Alaskan Malamutes, and a goldfish named Lou.

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